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Driving Lessons

Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic driving lessons are often a much better option for pupils who are having difficulty getting to grips with the manual gearbox. Obviously not everyone gets along with pushing the clutch and changing gear, using the hand brake and having to steer and concentrate whilst driving. You can book your driving test through the official DVSA website.

Refresher Driving Lessons 

If it has been a long time since you have driven a car or have been in an accident and have lost confidence then refresher lessons are the perfect way to get you back on the road again.

Motorway Driving Lessons

From 2018 learner drivers will be permitted to drive on motorways, but only under the supervision of a qualified driving instructor. if you have no experience of them then a Motorway Lesson would be highly recommended. You will learn how to deal with motorway rules and rapidly developing situations – which are often unique to motorways – it is well worth booking some specific Motorway Driving Lessons to develop your skills further.

Pass Plus Course

The Pass Plus scheme is a Government road safety initiative designed to increase the confidence and safety of newly qualified drivers. Pass Plus instructors offer additional training in aspects of driving that haven’t been specifically covered by the standard driving test for example motorway and night time driving.

Theory Test Training

The theory test is split into two tests. The first part is a computerized touch-screen of 50 multiple choice questions. The pass mark is 43. The second is a hazard perception video test. you have to score at least 44 out of 75 to pass. Both parts have to be passed to get an overall pass certificate, fail one part and you have to re-take it all again. You have to pass your theory test before you can even apply for the practical driving test. You can book your Theory test from the official DVSA website.

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